Monday, March 9, 2009

Printing a Prototype

In late January, I spent a Saturday with master printer Fletcher Manley, in Lunenburg, Vermont. We are seen here holding a prototype digital collage which I am producing for the Art of Action. The images are of root vegetables and mesclun greens which I scanned on a cold December day at Pete's Greens in Craftsbury, Vermont. The text in this prototype is one of a number of vision statements written by the Center for An Agricultural Economy in Hardwick, Vermont. My project will, in part, address the viability of high quality food production and distribution and how, through education and thoughtful community effort, there are many individuals and businesses who are developing a vision for Vermont's future. See the Hardwick website

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Helen Miller said...

Dear John Miller,

I would love to interview you for a blog I've recently started called A Made Place: Why farm? Why art?

I have just a few questions that I could email to you, on your work and perspective on the intersection of art and food systems.

Sorry I am new to blogging and cannot quite figure out how to locate your email. My email is

I hope to hear from you, thanks for yr time,